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Have an investing or trading question? Ask Alfie.

Alfie provides you with instant information and analysis on your favourite stocks, companies, ETFs, the market or anything investing.

Alfie queries real-time financial, news and research data to give you up-to-date data, insights and recommendations.

Access AI-powered analysis and commentaries on over 42 technical indicators generated in real-time

Get to-the-point answers right away without laboring through layers of charts, figures, articles and reports.

Comes with a investment research report generated on the fly for the company in question

Alfie brings together the power of GPT, real-time data and customized financial models

From general stock, market, investing and financial information

What's happening in the stock market today? Why did TSLA stock go up a lot recently?

What's Apple's current stock price and market cap? Does it pay a dividend? Any bad news and sentiments about it today?

What's the difference between SPY and VOO ETFs? How should I invest in these ETFs for long term savings?

To executive summaries and deep-dive investment analysis

What are the risks of investing in Meta? How's its growth and profitability prospects?

Break down MSFT revenues by segments and regions. Compare its earnings and valuation against Amazon.

What are the key points from Google's earnings call? Any mention about AI? What are the levels of debts and liquid assets?

And many more upcoming features ...

  • Stock and sector screeening and recommendations

  • Portfolio optimization and management

  • Personalized savings and investment planning

  • Investment research report with AI powered commentaries


Interested in partnering with us to bring your exclusive data, financial models, research or advisory services to Alfie?

Or bringing the power of cutting edge AI/ML to your own trading & investment platform and customers? Contact us!

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